Thursday, September 10, 2009

Blood of Patriots Water the Freedom Tree

What is freedom? If someone were to ask you to describe freedom, or to describe your freedom what would be your answer? I believe many would respond that freedom allows you to believe whatever you want to believe. Bloggers would respond that freedom allows you to blog whatever you feel like blogging. Politicians would respond that freedom allows you to campaign for whatever political ideology that you subscribe. I believe all these to be true vocations of freedom. However, is it possible, that freedom goes much deeper than just allowing us to do whatever we want? Is it possible that true freedom is actually not being able to do or say whatever you want? In other words, he who exercises the deepest thought of freedom is actually not free in the sense that he can do whatever he wants whenever he wants, instead because he has truly embraced freedom, he is obligated to be responsible for the freedom that has given him so much. I believe that the people who really understand what freedom is, are the ones that take action to protect it.

Freedom is the realization that even though you can say and do whatever feels right, you choose the narrow road which is to fight against immorality and injustice. The narrow road is the righteous road. It is the road that represents truth and honor and integrity. Just becuase you take the narrow road does not automatically grant you your salvation. No person earn freedom. Freedom is a gift. Freedom is never bought nor sold. Freedom is a privilege. Freedom is not a right. Freedom is a responsiblity. Freedom is not an option. Freedom is an obligation. Freedom is not the wide road. Freedom is the narrow. Freedom is not oppressive. Freedom is liberating. Freedom is not unjust. Freedom is just. Freedom is not death. Freedom is life.

We are dying. We are about to breathe our last breath and freedom is the hope that gives us one more. Freedom is the energy. Freedom is the bell ringing on the mountain top. Freedom is the man who gives his last drop of blood for a brother whom he has never known or seen. Freedom is the choir that shouts songs of praise through troubling times. Freedom is that gift that we are so undeserving of, but has been given nonetheless. Freedom is what we fight for. Freedom is why we live.

In your humble serevice,

Silence Dogood

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