Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How To Uproot A Dead Tree: Part Two

Problem #3: “Americans think they deserve more, but don't want to do more.”

There were three frogs sitting on a log. One decided to jump off, how many were left? Three. Deciding never does anything, you gotta jump. American's have been frogs sitting on a log constantly making decisions to jump off into the pond. Decisions never accomplished anything in history. For example, when Martin Luther King Jr. decided that racial inequality and segregation was unjust did that change America and pass legislation to free blacks from bondage? No! However, what pushed legislation was when 250,000 people took action and marched on the nation's capital in Washington.

So if we are to enact change in our country, we must take action collectively, but also individually. Individual actions in the form or becoming a part of the free enterprise system instead of being in the free enterprise system. Take a stand and have ownership in America; take it from Donald Trump's hands and put it in your pocket. You have the power to do that and so does everyone in America, it's just a question of whether they believe it or not. Many have their opinions about how we should go about changing our country and reviving our economy, but the three solutions I have presented are practical and have statistics to back them up. We need to re-invent how we think and teach more people how to become entrepreneurs instead of employees. Also, we must spend less money than we bring in because if we spend more money than we have it puts us into bondage and creates a financial crisis that we have now. Finally, Americans must stop deciding to do more and actually do more! We have a president in office right now that is asking people to enter into an era of enthusiasm and hope. I don't see a lot of people embracing it; I don't see a lot of people saying, “Ya, its gunna get better!" I still see a lot of people hanging their heads and worried, freaking out about money. I think if we can be really honest with ourselves no matter how bad the economy gets they can't take our love, our hope, our relationships, our dreams, they can't impact our health or spirituality. When you think about it, all the things that really are important cannot be affected by the economy. We must embrace these solutions and together we can recover from this economic crash. And to be honest, the only obstacle blocking our way from entering into a better and safer economy is how we think. We must first change the way we think, then we can change the way we act, and eventually change the way we live.

In Your Humble Service,

Silence Dogood

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