Monday, August 24, 2009

America's Most WANTED...And Needed

Are you all familiar with the story of David and Goliath? According to history, the story begins with a little shepherd boy named David who is the youngest of Jesse's eight sons. David is so lowly esteemed that when this prophet named Samuel comes by and asks to see Jesse's sons, Jesse brings all of them out EXCEPT David. In fact, many believe that David was an illegitimate son. Whatever the case be, I just find it odd that when the prophet calls out the boys Jesse does not bring David out.

The story goes on with Samuel anointing David because he is supposedly going to be this great king over Israel. At the same time, there is this battle going on between the Israelites and Philistines. And this Philistine giant named Goliath, who is believed to be over 9ft tall, comes out and begins to mock the Israelites who have a promise and a vision from God. He would go out in front of the Israeli army everyday and basically say 'Is there not a man among you?' He'd say 'Send your best man out to fight me; we'll make it real easy and if one of your guys takes me out, you win!' He would say this in front of the army! Ya know...the professional soldiers with the swords, shields, helmets, armor, and spears...I mean these guys were the army. They represented those who are trained in the arts of war and prepare for crazy hackin' battle! So what did all the professional soldiers do when Goliath came out? They just sat there, cowering in front of this enormous giant; not one stepped out to face Goliath.

So one day little David comes to deliver some cheese to his brothers who are soldiers. David's brothers see him and taunt him saying 'You don't belong here! Go home! Did you come here to watch real men fight? Get out of here!' So David begins to turn around because he knows that the battlefield is not his place, but it just so happens that at the same time Goliath comes out and says 'Is there not a man...' And David stands there and listens to all these things and says 'Who is this Philistine to mock us? Why do we let him defile our people? Will not anyone go up to fight him?!?' And David stands astonished, as amongst the WHOLE ARMY not ONE goes up to face Goliath.

David steps forward to go face the giant. He wasn't a soldier...he was a shepherd! He didn't have a sword or a breastplate or armor, all he had was a sling and a conviction in his heart that what was going down here was wrong, and it was an affront. So he picked up a smooth stone, put it in his sling, swung it around and POW! He knocked the giant in the head and sent him crashing to the ground. David then ran over and withdrew Goliath's sword and cut his head off and held it for everyone to see.

Now, most who know this story stop right there. However I believe the most important moral to the story is found after David defeated the giant. Do any of you know what the army did after David slew Goliath? I'll tell you what the army did after the warrior David killed the giant; the soldiers chased down the Philistines and cut them all down! Not one was left standing. You see, there is a difference between a soldier and a warrior. A soldier is someone who prepares for war. A warrior is someone who wages war. The warrior steps forth so the army can rise up. And the warrior is not always the one who is the most professionally trained or the one with the right tools or who smells good and looks good and has all the right stuff. A warrior is the one who has fight in his heart and says 'I will not stand injustice anymore nor will I have my values demoralized and my ideals condemned right before my eyes. And even though I don't have much, I'll put it out because I am not going to stand for it anymore.'

Who are we in America? Where do we stand as a country right now? As far as I'm concerned, right now is a defining moment as to what values we will pass to the next generation. What beliefs; what moral compass we'll steer by in the future.

Is there a warrior amongst us who has the passion beating in his heart to once again rise and save America?

In your humble service,

Silence Dogood

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