Tuesday, August 18, 2009

To Play or To Win

A coach says to his players, "Gentlemen, our goals are simple this season. To build teamwork and have some good old-fashioned fun." Now most when they hear this will think to themselves, "Well thats nice...I really like that." We say this because we all can't stand those parents who never accomplished 'didly-squat' in their life so they pace back and forth on the sideline, shouting at their kid during games.

Fast-forward to the playoffs. The coach calls a meeting one week before the first playoff game, "Gentlemen, we are in the playoffs. We must now make the decision to win." Is this fair? Absolutely not. The only reason why the coach began the season with the mindset of having fun was so that he could do good for the players' self-esteem. You see, nobody wants to see a player's self-esteem lower, so they only play for fun. But what is the point of deciding to play for fun if half way down the season we decide to play to win?

Fast-forward to the end of the state championship game. The silent air in the locker room smells of defeat. Who's self-esteem is higher now? Is it the team that made a decision to win at the beginning of the season and is now moving onto the national championships? Or the team that made the decision to win in the middle of the season and now sulks in the showers after giving it their all and being handed defeat?

Don't play for fun, if you're gunna play to win. Make a decision to win at the beginning and you will achieve.

In your humble service,

Silence Dogood

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